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This space has been established in the pursuit of Truth, knowledge and Higher understanding of Astral body and Soul body development in the Subtle realms of existence.

It's purpose is to facilitate a transition to a 'New Earth' with the understanding of a new, unconventional 'path' and unique simple ways to reclaim our Freedom as Human Beings, from the stranglehold of Tyranny.

"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


The Human Soul

Creation of The Human Soul

Creation of the Soul Before I get into the topic of the Soul I wanted to elaborate on the concept of the Macrocosm vs the Microcosm.

When the universe was created, in a sense the cosmos falls between the concept of the Unity of being, this is expressed as multiplicity in Unity, and that of the universal prototype, which is expressed as Unity in multiplicity.

The Cosmos has two aspects.

The first is that the Universe is not God, the universe is relative, transient, changing; which means it is otherness, seperateness, a veil separating us from God.

The second is that the universe is none other than God, because it is the universe that reveals the Divinity.

Therefore the cosmos both hides and reveals, veils and makes manifest. The Macrocosm the External Creation, The Universum There are 5 levels on which this priniciple consists of; Arabic term

1 The Nature of God Hahut

2 Divine creative nature Lahut

3 World of Archetypes Jabarut

4 World of Symbols Malakut

5 Human Nature Nasut

The Microcosm The Internal Creation, Human Form

1 Essence
2 Spirit
3 Heart
4 Soul
5 Body

The Human Soul is a place of gathering, it gathers 2 seperate dualities; an outer and an inner. the inner exists within form, and the outer exists between form. where the attributes of God are collected and reflected, through the sensory system inherent, common sense, imagination, intelligence, memory, and active imagination or intellect.

The Human Soul The Feminine Principle The Soul is the feminine principle between body and spirit, which undertakes a quest and is transformed from it's physical and sensible function to it's psychic function and further from this to it's spiritual function. As the Soul reaches the second transformation, from sensible to spiritual, it becomes what is called 'The Spiritual Heart' the instrument of intuition.

It is the Heart that ultimately unites the spirit. It attains subsistence, and 'knows' that the Absolute was never really separated from it. Thus the moment of consciousness is awareness of exile, the moment when the soul realizes the illusion of this life and yearns to return to it's origin, where it was one with the light of Unity.

The soul has it's orgin in the spiritual world, when it is attached to the body, it descends from the world of light into the world of Darkness, dark because of it's distance from it's source. If the Body and it's desires proves stronger, the soul becomes heavier, more materially inclined, dense and opaque.

The veils multiply, if the soul becomes aware of it;s captivity and imprisonment, only then can the journey of the feminine principle begin. The soul consists of a threefold structure, sensory, psychic and spiritual.

The soul in it's sensory and psychic form, is a soul existent within the human form. We can relate the human form or microcosm, the circumference, is the physical, the radii are the sensory-psychic area, and the center is the spiritual.

The place between the center and the circumference is the place to which the soul descends at conception.

The Threshold;

The Awakening The journey to God begins with an awakening to the concept that the phenomenal world is a veil which conceals the divine. We begin the quest be removing the veil, only to become aware that the veil and the divine are one and the same thing. The manifestation of the divine through it's names and qualities. The Sensory structure On entering the Gateway one encounters the 5 senses, the physical instruments of the sensory structure.

Avicenna recitals quote ''Know that access to that by which our soul becomes knowing, begins by way of the senses'' This would be the most treacherous part of the journey, for one is often enticed and distracted by sensory pleasures, and held back from journeying further.

The Psychic Structure The psychic aspect of the feminine principle consists of 5 internal senses; Common sense, imagination, intelligence, memory, and intellect.

The functions of these internal senses are described according to form and meaning, ie. common sense is the ability to percieve the forms of things, imagination is the ability to percieve meanings. When one has the ability to percieve both form and meaning then both these psychic structures are operative.

Thus the psyche/inner senses is just a part of the totality of the feminine principle or soul, incorparating the outer senses, which moves the quest toward spiritual becoming and union with spirit.

At this phase of the journey one meets with the Jinn/entities, the psychic forces within, in the etheric realm. They constantly intrude with temptations, distractions, which one must actively put aside, or once again be hindered in their journey.

The Spiritual becoming The Soul, the feminine principle, the sensible and psychic structure within the human form, is of divine origin , for God breathed his spirit into it.

Once this feminine principle has been awakened to the realization that it came from some 'place' other then the physical world, it is overcome with the desire to be known and in doing so goes through these spiritual stages.

1st stage is the awakening to the consciousness of the existence of the egotistical soul, the soul which commands.

2nd stage the soul becoming is called accusing, reproaching soul, the soul aware of it's own imperfectionsand blaming 'self', here the struggle between good and evil is enacted,

3rd stage the soul reaches a spiritual stage of peace, when it has reintegrated with the spirit, the masculine principle, and at rest in certainty.

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