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This space has been established in the pursuit of Truth, knowledge and Higher understanding of Astral body and Soul body development in the Subtle realms of existence.

It's purpose is to facilitate a transition to a 'New Earth' with the understanding of a new, unconventional 'path' and unique simple ways to reclaim our Freedom as Human Beings, from the stranglehold of Tyranny.

"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


Bio-Etheric Warfare : Basic 'Boosting' Technique

Boosting Technique

Sending energy via the Heart center toward a predator, whether he is of the flesh or another dimensional entity, is a dynamic way to build protection and defend yourself combat in the Astral realms.

Intent always comes from the higher chakras, NEVER the lower ones.

Sending the energy out through your heart chakra and toward the 'reciever's' heart, -if he is evil he cannot tolerate this 'vibration' and will backoff asap. I focus on someone I love, and send that 'feeling' or vibration out, toward their Heart center, I also add some 'justified Anger' ang breathing ~ it 'moves' the energy and makes it more dynamic.

Boosting Basics

Protect yourself first ~you wouldn't go into battle without armour right?

Once you have done this open your crown center and visualize Gods light enter you this way- keep this channel open the entire time, or else you will be depleted.

Bring the energy to your heart center and hold it there, remember to breath while you do this since breathing makes the energy move, think of someone you love and add some justified anger in the mix, then focus on your target.

Aim the energy out from your heart center straight to your targets heart center.
Keep sending energy focusing intently on what you are doing for at least 3 mins at a time.

When taking in Universal energy, open your Crown and allow for a continuous flow to enter your chakras. Breath in till 4

then when sending out, breath out till 4

There are a number of techniques you can use when sending the energy, send it spirals, always clockwise moving, send it in indigo with gold, gold is protective and very Yang, perfect for this practice.

This basic technique for "Boosting' or sending energy can be used for many purposes, when healing the Planet as a group, alone, when sending healing for an individual, for removing curses, cords and bad intent, voodoo, black magic, keeping away negative people and Astral Attacks at any level. It works great for balancing your direct environment.

This always works!

*The Technique I Use ~ Basically the same but I always Pray and Ask permission of The Divine Presense, omni-Potent/Omni-present to purify my own Intent, I ask assistence from our Etherically competent Marine Guardians ~ The Dolphins and Whales, The Angelic Beings that Inspire and Support once we Humans initiate. I often request assistence from Prophets & Apostles of God, as well as Enlightened Souls that have passed over & are free to serve Humanity from the Otherside.

The Frequency of Prayer and the Call for Unity among Souls makes the Energy much more powerful -- You are never left Alone, you are constantly connected with ALL that is, everything everywhere in the infinite Universe, All that is required is that you bring your Center of CONSCIOUSNESS to whatever it is.
Remember ~ That is ALWAYS the Key.

In Truth ~ Yasmine

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