Life Etheric: Living between worlds

This space has been established in the pursuit of Truth, knowledge and Higher understanding of Astral body and Soul body development in the Subtle realms of existence.

It's purpose is to facilitate a transition to a 'New Earth' with the understanding of a new, unconventional 'path' and unique simple ways to reclaim our Freedom as Human Beings, from the stranglehold of Tyranny.

"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


Mayan Calendar: The 5th Night ~ 'Rapid Change'

One of Ian Lungolds final videos before his untimely death but he left us with What will be the most vital information that we can ever learn following these confusing times. Try to have an open mind and let go of the ego, it'll probably be the most difficult thing in anyones life!!

p.s Dont take ians word for it do your own research be your own source of truth because as much as i agree with Ian I must say that some of his information is a bit inaccurate but his intention is pretty clear. Keep questioning and dont always take things at face value, you CAN THINK FOR YOURSELF

Ethnic Diversity ~ The truth Uncensored