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This space has been established in the pursuit of Truth, knowledge and Higher understanding of Astral body and Soul body development in the Subtle realms of existence.

It's purpose is to facilitate a transition to a 'New Earth' with the understanding of a new, unconventional 'path' and unique simple ways to reclaim our Freedom as Human Beings, from the stranglehold of Tyranny.

"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


21/12/2006 The '5th day' Galactic center Allignment

Request for Boosting in Conscious Unity

As we approach the Galactic Center Allignment of the "5th Day" we need to gather our thoughts and energies together so that we may focus them in the most Beneficial way possible, for the best outcome.

"The fifth level, the level of mentation, "the distinctive property of our particular plane of existence on the great evolutionary journey to full consciousness is to master fifth level chakra energies.." John Major Jenkins

"The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected with it. This insight craves implementation" Philip Sedgwick

As soon as an idea is grasped and brought forward, the path of accessing new information refreshes. At all times, new and newer insights spill forth. This carries the tone of consciousness evolution. The collective aim refocuses and retargets with higher and clearer insights at each minute in timelessness.

This is the Nature of the energies available to us this day, 21 12 2006, This is the
Intention for this day, and from this Intention an Idea will form and be born, when you bring it forth, the Cosmos works to 'upgrade' these ideas as they evolve in their form and become clearer and more targeted, into the collective reality and continuously works at evolving Consciousness around these new Manifestations of Higher thought- There exists the opportunity to re-create an alternate reality from the fountain of Infinite possibilities, that exist within our Infinite Universe. New cycles of timelessness are being integrated into our Physical 3 Dimensional World.

This is a chance for positive thoughts to grow into concrete actions that will bring about the final topple that is required to shift the Power Paradigm into the Paradigm of CONSCIOUSNESS, and conscious awareness of the evolution we find ourselves in the critical midst of.

What is certain, is that this era in Consciousness will over shadow Power, but it can be accelerated and the whole of creation is crying out for it. We are the initiators in this Low level realm where exists Time and matter, and we have an unseen force in higher realms that is part of this Consciousness and is in Battle with the same forces to pave way for this Divine plan which is to reach our highest level of consciousness or 'Self' since the time when the universe was created.

Please Focus your Thoughts toward this Intention on this day, this is the first time in History that Human kind has been conscious of this event since it happens every 26,000 years.

Please Boost in Unity for Consciousness to expand further and accelerate the speed at which it may reach every soul that is imprisoned in the mind of it's master, and my the sorcerors and magicians be exposed in commiting thier heiness acts against Humanity and their Creator, and that their Dark and temporary Power, through their allegence to Satan, will collapse and disintegrate into nothingness.

Please spend the day in matters that are of REAL importance, and begin living in Consciousness and Intuituion instead of in the Mind, ultimately this will be your only guide in the cataclysmic times to come.

In Gods Protection,


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