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"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

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Segment Intending : Instant Manifestation

Something to focus on 'Boosting' and sending energy throughout our daily life, we are the masters of our destiny.

Segment Intending

Segment intending is dividing your day into recognizable intervals and consciously setting different intentions for each segment.

For example, when you first wake up in the morning, you are in the "awake but still in bed segment." Then you might move into the "preparing for the day segment which includes showering, dressing, making breakfast." Then it might be the "commute to work" segment. And then the "day at work" segment. Even within your work day, you have different segments - "meeting with a committee," "talking to customers on the phone," "having lunch with your friends."

Each segment has a purpose, and you can state your intentions briefly at the beginning of each segment. For example, for sleeping at night, you might set your intention to re-emerge into nonphysical energy of your core, have your body be relaxed, refreshed and restored, have wonderful dreams, and be more and more aware of your Inner Being's messages to you through your dreams. These are different intentions than your commute to work, which you might prefer to be safe, fun, quick, efficient, easy and uplifting.

As you start segment intending, you discover that the segments start conforming to your new intentions. Sometimes it takes a few conscious intentions to overcome the inertia of years of complaining about commuting, but your experience begins to shift in the direction you are wanting. As you do it, look for evidence that a shift is occurring, and celebrate even the smallest, more on target event.

When you start getting good at segment intending, pivoting becomes less necessary. But even when you segment intend, sometimes you notice something in the environment that is not part of your intention, and by focusing on it, you can create negative emotion, whether it be fear or anger or frustration. That's when you want to remember to pivot and reaffirm your positive intention.

Here's what the Abraham-Hicks calendar, page 379, says about segment intending:
"All is well with you. There is not something that you should be doing that you are not doing. You don`t have any ground to make up for. You have not been lying around not doing your work. You are in the perfect place. And we see this as a sort of turning point where the majority of that which you will attract from this point forward will be more in harmony with your wanting.

Make more decisions in every day. More decisions about what you want. And let your first and foremost -- and most often -- decision be, "I want to feel good." Because unless you are in the place of feeling good, unless you are in that place of full connectedness, you don`t have much of value to give to anyone else.

"I want to feel good! I really, really want to feel good! Therefore, I will look for reasons to feel good.

When you get into your automobile, make your statement of intent: "I am wanting to travel safely this distance. I am wanting to be very efficient. I am wanting to have a pleasant drive. I am wanting to be very clear. I am wanting to have a happy heart as I drive..."

As you make those sorts of statements, you set your own vibrational tone so that anything that is around you that is not in harmony with that, simply cannot be where you are.
When you emerge into the day, let your vibration be the dominant one. Your vibration of joy, your vibration of growth, your vibration of freedom, your vibration of love, your vibration of all is well. And anybody that is out there vibrating in discord with that -- will vibrate someplace else.

You will begin to see a dramatic difference in the way others are responding to you. Some of them will find reasons to go someplace else. Others, that you do not know, that will satisfy intentions that are deep and powerful within you, will begin gravitating into your experience.

from Abraham list / Ask and its given

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