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{R}Evolution of the soul

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Mayan Creation Cycle

Lately, conversation has created considerable noise about the end-date of the Mayan calendar. These discussions usually range from ideas that the calendar means nothing at all – to talks about prophecies of doom and gloom, where the calendar portends the “End” of our world from a global cataclysm.

While some sort of cataclysm cannot be ruled out, there is another interpretation, one based upon academic research, which we can draw upon during these times. This perspective claims that the Mayan calendar is actually mapping the embryogenesis of our innate spiritual selves.

In other words, it is a map of the divine plan for humanity and its consequent illumination. Contrary to the typical foreboding perspectives usually cast on the Mayan calendar, the information now coming to light from the rigorous research of Dr. Carl J. Calleman, from Ian Xel Lungold, and from the creation cycle itself is of hope and optimism. According to Dr. Calleman, we are to evolve to the next stage of humanity, become enlightened, and achieve oneness with God.

When this occurs globally in our species, it will be the end of the world as we know it; however, this is definitely not the “END” of the world in a final sense, only the world as we “know it.” Time will end, for we will move from a linear understanding of time and our localized place within the cosmos to a non-linear utilization of time and multi-dimensional operability.

It must be understood, when progressing through the creation cycle to its termination point, one does not arrive at December 21, 2012, but instead, October 28, 2011. Dr. Calleman doesn’t argue with the fact that the 13 Baktun Long Count calendar has a termination point on December 21, 2012, but it his contention that the long count calendar does not properly reflect the “Shifting” energies of the “creation cycles,” which featured so prominently in Mayan philosophical thought.

In other words, the Long Count does not show when the “shifting energies” occur, the 9 underworlds and 13 heavens of the creation cycle do. The creation cycle comes from the dates encoded on the “Coba Stone” and is a reflection of “Sacred Time” from the beginning of the universe until now! The Mayans were not concerned with the beginning date or end-date, but they were concerned with the overall creation cycle.

The Maya merely chose to begin their long count calendar on the solar zenith day, Aug. 12, 3,114 B.C., due to it being a “known” holy day with an older tradition and out of convention , even though the Long Count calendar didn’t properly match up with the divine creation cycle they also utilized.

The Long Count is an approximation that is within about a year of the actual creation cycle from the beginning of time until now. Consequently, Mayan scholars, by focusing on the Long Count and not the wave cycles of creation, have chosen the wrong day for the end-point for the Mayan calendar; it’s not 12-21-2012, but 10-28-2011!

According to this research, we entered the second to last “underworld” of the creation cycle encoded into the Mayan calendar on January 5, 1999. This is the eighth level and is called “The Galactic Cycle.” It is the next step on our way up the cosmic pyramid toward global enlightenment, and it is composed of 13 phases, each phase being 360 days long.

This portion of the cycle is described by a metaphorical 7 day period and is called the days and nights of the galactic underworld. After this point, we have just one more step to go on the cosmic pyramid; it is the 9th underworld and is called “The Universal Cycle,” which will begin on February 12, 2011.

As happened in the previous cycle, “The Universal Cycle,” will be moving 20 times faster than the current cycle.” It too will be comprised of 13 phases; however, each phase will only be 20 days long.

With the synergy of the cosmic pyramid, the activity of our evolutionary changes should be intensifying, and we should be feeling ourselves beginning to wake up and come to a more harmonious state of being.

Imagine huge ethereal cosmic gears based on sacred geometry clicking into place and the human soul’s evolution guided by the necessity of that system. We have now crossed over the halfway point of “The Galactic Cycle,” and we have just entered the fourth night of the galactic underworld.

The fourth night lasts from November 29, 2005 - November 23, 2006. Based on this scheme, we can expect radical changes occurring in our personal lives. The Maya likened the days and nights of the galactic creation cycle to the growth of a plant, in that activity and new information occur by day and implementation and preparation occur at night.

The main thing accomplished during the fourth night is ethical procedures are implemented. We get right our interactions with others and learn to operate that way continually. This is also a time when a plant prepares to create new life from within, such as getting ready to flower.

According to this ancient prophetic calendar, within all of our lifetimes something profound is going to occur. Using this new information and the Mayan calendar, one can sync up his or her life with the creation cycle in preparation for the ultimate shift. Dr. Calleman, in one of his articles, states that the galactic creation cycle is really the same as the popular Christian apocalypse.

The meaning of apocalypse is “a revealing.” Accordingly, we are going through a process of revelation and realization, as we traverse our way through the dimly lit and ominous hallway of the “End Times.” What awaits us on the other side of the door at the end of the hallway?

As published in Oracle 20/20 magazine

by Jonathan McGregor Bethel

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