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"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


The Seven Rays of The Rainbow

The Seven Cosmic Rays

The rainbow is composed of seven rays and thus the seven rays are at the bottom of the Lord of the universe and the universe itself with all it;s tangible and intangible contents.
In all aesoteric teaching and teachings of Prophets, in knowing God, God himself and the cosmos are composed of these seven rays.

These seven rays are primeval formative forces of nature which by their combinations and separations condense themselves into tangible forms. How these rays become tangible may be illustrated with an example.

On a blue sky when a patch of cloud appears, it may be examinedthrough a prism, and it will be seen that the colour of the cloud will be predominently orange. The visible cloud, therefore is nothing but condensation of orange colour of the rainbow. Likewise, water also will show the same orange colour.

'The rays that compose Him (God) are omnpresent, and illumine the limitless worlds of the universe, and among them seven are the best and highest because they form the matrices of the universe' It is possible to understand why the rainbow is the covenant between God and the Earth, it should be understood that every tangible thing is made up of Rays and radiation; it is created by rays, maintained by rays and ultimately destroyed by rays. All names and forms have their origin in the seven rays of the rainbow. The rainbow, has the greatest significance for this mortal world.

Names and forms have their origin in the cosmic light ocean and their roots are always being nourished by the cosmic light. So as long as it is able to recieve nourishment, it is able to exist. No sooner the roots get dry the nourishment ceases, and the tangible thing is supposed to go out of existence.

The seven rays of the rainbow are said to be omnipresent, that is to say, they are present everywhere, this is universal, the universal life force is this light, and the filters of this light are the seven rays or colours, each colour vibrates at a different level, and speed.

We cannot see these colours with our eyes unaided. It is certainthat the whole universe with it's mobile and immobile contents is enveloped in the seven rays but they move in a dimension with which our eyes are not in tune. But when an equalateral and colourless glass, called a prism is held before the eyes, the cosmic colours reveal themselves; the prism brings our vision in tune with the dimension in which the cosmic colours of the rainbow move.

If a prism is applied to the eyes, and through it the surrounding world is seen carefully, it will be discovered that there is nothingin the world that is not enveloped in the seven rays of the rainbows.

All creation is the manifestation of the light of God, which is made up of rays and radiations. Every new creation likewise forms the body of this light and must be enveloped by the seven colours of the rainbow, Humans are made up of all seven colours of the rainbow, reflecting in the seven colours and vibrations of the Chakra system.

All men, trees, animals rivers, mountains and the like is enveloped by the seven colours of the rainbow, and can be seen through a prism. It is thus possible to realise that every little thing in this world is in direct and mighty embrace of God, the Creator of the universe. This is called omnipresent.

Nature and the power of Gems

Gems are being used by men from time immemorial. Mostly Gems are used for wealth and longevity, for power and popularity, and for averting disasters and disease.
There is however, another aspect to Gems which should not be taken lightly. Many of the gems can be used as medicine, and in Ayurvedic works, in India their methods have been described for their uses in medicine.

Gems are mines of cosmic rays

The seven principle Gems are inexhaustible mines of the seven cosmic rays constituting the cosmos and the universe. Seen as a rainbow in regular order, it is a constant reminder to men of the world that the rays are the bottom of the universe, and it is not possible to go any further in seeking it's cause. The cosmic rays issue out of the radiant 'body'of God, the creative principle of the universe, and are like him, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, transcending all limits.

Each Gem has it's own individual colour which may seem different from the colour which is actually contained in it. It is therefore necessary that these gems should be examined through a prism in order to ascertain their true cosmic colour.
A moonstone appears glassy white but when it is seen through a prism it's effulgence appears to be blue. The moonstone thus is a mine of blue cosmic rays.

As the gems release cosmic rays of different colours, it is necessary to indicate here the nature of the rays contained in them and describe their characteristics and qualities as briefly as possible. Unless these qualities are known, it will not be possible to employ them with knowledge and presicion to produce agood effects against the many diseases from which humanity suffers.

Ruby / Red cosmic ray

The ruby being hot releases hot waves n the form of red cosmic rays which are capable of curing diseases arising out of cold and where discharges are cold and thin. In nature red rays have the power over moisture and they dry up leaves on the trees and impart burning power to the dead leaves and wood. The red cosmic colour is connected with the planet Sun, who represent the soul in the human body, has special rulership over the Bone system on which the power of the body rests. The prism shows the ruby to be crimson in colour, and therefore the ruby is a red ray concerntrate

According to Roland Hunt author of 'The seven keys to colour Healing', Red rays are most suitable for healing subjects prone to diseases such as Ailments of the bloodstream, Anaemia, physical debility and lassitude, colds, circulatory deficiencies etc.'
Red rays have been found suitable in impending collapse without pulse and with profuse perspiration, and cold body, nervous diseases have been treated successfully with the red cosmic ray.

Pearl / Orange cosmic ray

The pearl being cold, releases cold waves/frequencies of orange colour which is capable of curing diseases arising out of heat and hot rays in heat diseases. The rays radiating out of pearls belong to the element of water and have connection with the thin secretions of the human body, and it's bood system. When heat is required to be counteracted, pearl rays may be used with confidence.

If blood tissues of flesh, fat, bones, etc, require moisture, pearls can be used. The orange colour of the pearl connects it with the pleasant planet moon. Moon representsthe whole of the human bodyeven as the sun represents the soul. Moon moreover presides over the heart and circulation of blood, moon has great influence over the mind. Lunacy is supposed to be caused by a malefic moon or when the moon is badly aspected in transit. Under the prism the pearl shows an orange colour, and therefore is a mine of orange cosmic rays.

The orange colour is suitable for chronic asthma, phlegmatic fevers, bronchitis, wet cough, gout, chronic rheumatism, inflammation of kidneys, gall stones, prolapsus, cessation of menstruation in women, mental debility, cholera, and other diseases. Orange rays have been successfully used for fevers, delirium, bleeding, and diseases of this kind.

Coral / yellow cosmic ray

The coral of yellow colour releases hot rays which dry up thick lymphs of the human body. In rheumatism thick lymphs are deposited in the flesh system, and these produce irritation and aching which are ameliorated by the hot rays of coral. The coral and it's yellow colour are associated with the martial planet Mars. Yellow nourishes the marrow system, the head and genetals also come under the influence of mars and therefore yellow cosmic rays. Although the Coral appears orange to the naked eye, if held under a prism. The coral is therefore a mine of yellow cosmic rays.

Yellow rays are necessary for subjects prone to diseases such as stomach troubles, diabetes, piles, eczema, skin problems, liver problems, leprosy, nervous exhaustion. Yellow rays can remove extreme forms of mental depression, and liver troubles.

Emerald / Green cosmic ray

The Emerald releases cold rays/frequencies of green colour. The colour of the earth element is green and is cold in charachter. Therefore green is a positive force with power of intergration. In the human body the earth element is represented by the heavy visera and materials such as bone, flesh, liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, and the rest. These heavy substances of the body come under the sway of green colour released by the emerald. and their health in a large measure depends upon cosmic green, when supply of this green from nature becomes defficient, green hunger arises which is satisfied by the green rays of the emerald. The emerald and it's green colour is associated with the fickle planet mercury. Under a prism the emerald is shown to be green in colour, and thus emerald is a mine of the green cosmic rays concentrate.
Green rays are helpful for complaints of the Heart, blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, headache, neuralgia, influenza, syphilis, etc.

Green rays have been found curative for asthma, burnt skin, injuries, ulcers, skin disease, and high blood pressure, green has a distinct fattening effect.

Moonstone: Blue cosmic ray

The Moonstone, crystal and Topaz belong to the same colour group. When viewed through a prism they all exhibit the light blue colour of the sky. This group of stones is therefore blue ray concentrate. Blue colour belongs to the Akasha (space ) principle which imparts life force to the whole mobile and immobile creation. Thus, moonstone or Topaz is a lifegiver. The moonstone and it's blue colour have connection with the benign planet Jupiter who presides over the life principle in all human beingsand all other breathing animals. Jupiter resides in the Fat system and has sway over all glands in the body. All empty spaces in the body come under influence of Jupiter with his blue rays. Empty spaces in the body produce sound which is the quality of Akasha where life force resides. The Fat system and the glands recieve their nourishment from cosmic blue.

Blue rays are necessary in diseases such as; throat problems, laryngitis, goitre, sore throat, hoarseness, fevers such as scarlet fever and typhoid, cholera, bubonic plague, small pox, chicken pox, measles, apathae, apoplexi, hysteria, epilepsy, palpitation, spasms, acute rheumatism, vomiting, vomiting, purging, thirst, dysentary, diarrhoea, jaundice, colic, imflammed bowels, inflammed bowels, inflammed eyes, stings, iches, toothache, headache, nervous disorders, insomnia, painful menstruation, shock etc. Bue rays have helped whooping cough and tonsilitis.

Diamond / Indigo cosmic ray

When viewed through a prism the diamond appears to be Indigo-blue in colour. Diamond thus is an Indigo colour concentrate. In the human body Indigo represents all thick lymphs including thick cough and mucus, thick secretions, even pus and other adhesive matter, and sperm. Indigo belongs to the benign planet Venus. Indigo colour as well as diamond belong to the water principle and they are both cold and positive in nature, they are said to contain all tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, saline pungent, and astringent.

By virtue of this quality Diamond should be regarded as a good medicine for all sorts of difficult diseases arising out of the simultaneous derangements of the three Tridosha elements of Ayurveda, Vayu/vata ; air, Pitta; fire, Kapha; water.

Diamond and the Indigo colour are sucessful in treating diseases such as, eye troubles, ear and nose problems, facial paralysis, all diseases of the lungs, pneumonia, bronchitis, broncial croup, whooping couph, asthma, dyspepsia, infantile convulsions, delirium, obsessions and other forms of nervous disorders. Also has helped appendicitis and purulent tonsils.
Sapphire / violet cosmic ray / red+Indigo

Sapphire shows the violet colour when viewed through a prism. Sapphire is thus a violet ray concentrate. The planet connected with sapphire is mighty Saturn, the dispenser of misery and the breaker of pride, Violet is the colour of the air element, and in storms the environment around and landscape becomes predominently violet in colour.

Saturn rules over the whole of the nervous systems, and his violet colour satifies the nerve hunger,. The colour of human skin is violet, thus sapphire with it's violet colour, can nourish the skin and aid skin diseases. Chronic leucoderma cases have been treated sucessfully with sapphire and the violet ray.

Violet rays are good for the following diseases; nervous and mental disorders, neurosis, neuralgia,sciatia, diseases of the scalp, epilepsy, cerebro-spinal meningitis, concussion, cramps, rheumatism, tumours, kidney and bladder weaknesses. it is said that violet cleanses and animates veneous blood. Violet rays have aided all acute nerve pains, skin ulcers, and other skin disorders.

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