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"Speaking the Truth in times of Universal deciet, is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

{R}Evolution of the soul

The Contents and Articles found in this 'Space', are based on Eastern Mystical teachings, Science, The Astral world, Universal Law, and Revelation from a Monotheistic Concept of God. Any Free-Minded Person is welcome to read the Information and form their own opinions from the Information offered here, the Views expressed are not designed to convince Anyone of Anything, only to educate those who gravitate to toward this Life path and a common pursuit for Truth.


The Golden Age : Immaculate Journey to Health

Spiritual understanding of SCENAR-therapy & Psychology of Dis-ease

One of the greatest mistakes of modern medicine is that it considers the human body only as a material structure, neglecting other membranes and layers composing it, which function on another electromagnetic frequency level.

After the change in direction of the time flow (January 5, 1992) - from spiritual degradation to spiritual development, which caused change in the whole matter, new approaches in treatment of a man are required. The disease originates not in the physical body, but in the patient's inner world.

That is why studying only physical body does not provide complete knowledge about a man. Thousands of years a man has been considered as multidimensional, i.e. having not only the physical body, but several subtle matter bodies com-prising energy foundation of the physical body.

Physical body allows changing the creation. This is a means of creation and a temple of a living spirit. The human is responsible for taking care about his physical body.
A body - is a crystallized substance of the soul. Every particle of our body carries information. Our body - is a kind of a book which we should learn to read, so that we could understand what is going on in our spirit and what are its messages. When a man is relaxed, his body and mind are united, dual-ity disappears giving way to integrity which makes both body and spirit of a man healthy.
Any strain inside the body reveals fears or corresponding thoughtforms.

Etheric body is a quantum level of a man carrying his life energy and copying the form of the physical body. It controls metabolism in tissues and cell division. State of the etheric body indicates the condition of the physical one. Normal aura of the etheric body is seen as hairs going perpendicular to the body surface. The clearness and length of the hairs indicate the abilities of a man in his life and his physical health. Partial shifting of the etheric body causes pain in the bones; partial separation of the etheric body can cause faint, its full separation may lead to death.

Astral body is a quantum level of a man indicating how his desires agree with reality. This agreement is shown by the aura colour of the astral body; the aura is seen like a mist. The aura colour depends on psychological inclinations of a man. The astral body is egg-shaped and is an original for physical body building.
The astral body conducts emotions and desires and con-trols the feelings. If a man can control his emotions, he has successfully mastered his astral vi-brations, he becomes younger and his mood improves.

Mental body is a quantum level of a man which originates his thoughts. Any thought must be completed. Diagnosis - is a mental program. A man is only a translator of the thought. One of the principles of handling a negative thought is not to accept it as your own and send it to where it has come from. Religion works on the mental plane.

Causal body is a quantum level of the human's spirit. The causal body is preserved from life to life, so we can reveal the cause using recollection.
Aura of the causal body is manifested by the energy flows coming from a man in direc-tion of the cause, which are necessary for the cause to develop into the effect. When the energy comes through a man, it passes 3 narrow places - “gates”:
the first gate is - jugular fossa. When it is blocked, the respiratory disorders, headache, migraine, and swellings develop.
The second gate is a xiphoid process and two points near it, responsible for such conditions as asthma, disor-ders of the lungs, bronchi, and heart.
The third gate is a pubic bone, responsible for all male and female diseases, impotence, gastric and intestinal problems.

Buddhic body and nirvanic body are the ultimate human bodies, connected with the hu-man Spirit. They are latent and only develop when a man discovers his creative potential. Wak-ing up of the life in the Buddhic body is done through enlargement of consciousness.

On January 5, 1992, during the solar eclipse, the time flow has changed. Before that date the subtle matters of the physical body went down to the physical world. Now, when the time flow turned upwards, a man is progressively rising towards the Spirit - from the rough matter to the Spiritual level.

What is spirituality?

It is perception of man's integrity with the environment, cosmos. Theorist of quantum physics, Kapra, in his book “Dao Physics” says that the scientists have dis-covered the integrity of all Universe objects, i.e. there is interaction between atom, Universe, whole cosmos and destiny of each of us.
The cosmic energy coming to the human body through the causal body has two constitu-ents: vital energy and mental or information energy.
The energy moves in the form of three vibrating streams along the vertebral column and creates 7 conic vortices (chakras). Having entered the body, all this energy diversity is converted into one form which is called bioenergy, and then is addressed to its destinations. The chakras accept, accumulate and transform the primary cosmic energy into the energies of other vibra-tions, which feed the subtle bodies. On average, it takes about 10 years for a man to perceive the wisdom corresponding to each chakra level.

During first 10 years of life a man learns and tests abilities of the physical vital force
From 10 to 20 years, a man discovers sexual aspect of life, learns it in theory and practice.
From 20 to 30 years, a man learns and applies in practice the abilities pertaining to power and domination .
From 30 to 40 years, a man perceives love.
40 to 50 years is a period for formation of relations between man and world.
From 50 to 60 years, a man acquires the worldly wisdom from all the experience gained throughout the years of living. He draws conclusions from his right and wrong actions.
From 60 to 70 years, a man is open for belief in the higher mind and realizes the need of it. This is the time for remorse and correction of mistakes.

If the chakras are not timely developed, there appear various blocks, distortions of reality, problems with the physical body. The used energy is dissipated into environment either diffusely (through skin), or locally, for example, through eyes.

1. Principle of mentalism. Everything is mind, God creates through a man with his thought, using the human brain for creation.
2. Principle of accordance: below is the same as above.
3. 3.Principle of vibrations: everything moves, everything vibrates. The human health is harmony of vibrations of his physical and subtle bodies. Harmony is the purpose and essence of the human living.
4. Principle of polarity. Everything is dual. The extremes meet and often turn one into an-other.
5. Principle of rhythm. Life is oscillations between two poles.
6. Principle of cause and effect.
7. Principle of sex. Everything has inherent vital force, which, in its turn, has male and female origin.

The laws are universal. They effect the phenomena of animate and inanimate natures, and the social processes as well.

When a man falls ill, the external or inner energy-informational action is recorded by the cause on the subtle plane in the causal body. There appears the cause-and-effect relation flow, which changes the physical characteristics of energy flows in the etheric body, which is indicated on the physical plane by membrane and cell walls deformation, change of osmotic pressure, etc. This is not a disease yet, the man feels anxiety and discomfort. If the cause-and-effect relation flow is not stopped, it causes anatomic changes and clinical signs of pathology developing in the physical body.

Thus, the human health is a harmony of physical and subtle bodies. A healthy body means such condition of the system when all informational-metabolic processes between its ele-ments occurring on micro- and macrolevels are most harmonious, i.e. in full accordance with the predetermined genetic program or scheme. Such elements are our organs, their parts, cells, cell elements, and even the molecules of biochemical components. The whole body lives and func-tions as a unit. All subjects of the system are aware of each other and support relationship through available channels and interconnections. This most important feature of the living body was called fractality.

Any electromagnetic emission has a component of torsion emission. Thus, besides the described above effects of the device upon the body, it also influences the time flow of a man, adjusting vibrations of the physical and subtle bodies, which significantly accelerates the recov-ery. Such action occurs immediately. The time executes cause-and-effect relation and flows into the system through the cause towards the effect. Time source is the man's creativity. Time char-acteristics have the source which supports the life in the Universe.

Man's condition is recorded in the information field as a causal hologram and is called image. It can be entered and changed. The cause originates in the subtle body as a small holo-gram and comes from the physical body, thought, word, or action. It should be charged with en-ergy. For this, it can, for example, connect to the liver, which causes discomfort and then pain. The liver is the effect of the cause, that is why, treatment of liver disorder symptoms is ineffec-tive. If the cause is eliminated in the subtle body, the effect can be successfully treated.

On January 5, 1992, during the solar eclipse, the time flow change occurred. Before this date there was involution - subtle matters of the physical body went down to the physical world (the Fallen Angel). Nature creates the rough matter very rationally.
Now the time turned upwards, the man is constantly rising to the Spirit and comes from the rough matter to the spiritual level.
Diseases became situational. Man's condition (from physical health to social develop-ment) has completely changed.
Hale's planet turned the man out, i.e. shifted him to the subtle fields. The number of dis-eases increases and they generate unusual conditions, like complex depression, periodical dis-ease, etc.

SCENAR works wonders and heals not only the human body, but also the soul.

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