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In memory of my Father ~ Eulogy 2005

It is the 3rd year of my fathers death. A eulogy written by Don Croft.

May you be remembered by all those whos lives you touched ~ your loving daughter always......

For all those who have sacrificed their own comfort for the sake of fighting against tyranny.

The Life and Death of Iran's Heroic Dr.Muhammad Siyyid

By Don Croft

May 13, 2005

It's hard for me to conceive what life must be like in a theocracy, especially since the only real-time information we can get about any predominantly Muslim nation is from refugees or from balanced people who otherwise have ties there. The corporate media are particularly intent on giving us false impressions about Islamic countries at the moment.

Americans are particularly challenged to look objectively at a nation like Iran because the incessant fearmongering and baiting that passes for journalism and entertainment here has moved most of the population out of a rational perspective in relation to Islam and especially Persia, which is what we used to call that still-magical land.

Muhammad Siyyid was an Engineer and Holistic practitioner with interests in several nations in the Mideast who became so disheartened by the trends in Iran, both before and after the Shah was deposed, that he decided that only by becoming a Muslim cleric in Qum, the spiritual center of Iran, would he be able to influence his fellow Persians to return to a more balanced and productive spiritual, economic, social and political life.

There were over a thousand mourners at his funeral, most of whom had no doubt personally benefited from this pure-hearted man's material generosity and wisdom.

There's no counterpart in the West for someone of Dr Siyyid's stature and family history. As a direct descendent of the Prophet from both his mother and father he was culturally impelled to be a living example of personal integrity, virtue, discernment, compassion, generosity and self sacrifice. What we all probably know or suspect is that any child who is culturally expected to be a certain way will likely end up fulfilling those expectations. In Iran every child born into this lineage is expected to excel in virtue and discernment, so of course some of them do so. Maybe the only Western counterparts are found in fairy tales but the scions of the Prophet's house are fully expected to be exemplars for the rest and most of them live in Iran.

Anyone who's spent time in Israel or perhaps even read much about that land knows that there's little difference at all between the spiritual traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism and, in fact, they share the same basic spiritual teachings and even prophecies but only differ in external, social protocols since they came at different periods in history to address specific social challenges. Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Zoroaster (another Persian Prophet whose priests, the Magi, knew exactly where and when Jesus would be born) are all descended directly from Abraham through His three wives,(Hagar, Sarah and Khaturah) by the way, so are even more closely connected than most people realize. The Kaaba in Mecca is built over a spring that Abraham had considered sacred and close to the place where Abraham had offered to sacrifice Ismael.

When this robust, renowned and insightful middle aged man heard about orgonite's profound healing and balancing influence he immediately started experimenting on his own, then proceeded to gift Qum. About the same time, his daughter in Toronto, Yasmine Fatemi, contacted me and volunteered her services. You'll be hearing a great deal more about and from this bold, resourceful but gracious and refined female exemplar in coming days, by the way, and her husband, also named Muhammad, was on a plane from Toronto, bound for Iran, with a boxful of tactical orgonite and other gifting necessities for Qum within two days of her father's untimely death.

Dr Siyyid had lately become a cleric, perhaps out of frustration in an attempt to instill some balance into Iran's political life. Historically, there have been very, very few Persian clerics who have personally lived up to the Prophet's reasonably high standards of personal conduct and, in fact, the Prophet, Muhammad, didn't make allowances or plans for a priesthood, any more than Jesus did, though Muhammad's social teachings were the basis for a vast, dynamic, peaceful, prosperous and uplifting civilization that even eventually dragged Europe up out of savage darkness and laid the groundwork for the world's first genuine republic, the short lived but exemplary United States of America. I say 'shortlived' because within a hundred years it had obviously reverted to colony status as London's global legbreaker and by 1935 had become just another National Socialist asset of the occult/corporate world order.

Persia, in the early days of Islam's expansion, supplied far more than its share of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, scholars, philosophers, artists and poets to that civilizing movement. After an awakening humanity takes our universities back from the corporate sector our youngsters will start to learn history from a more balanced perspective, of course, and the institutionalized corporate censorship that now passes for 'history' will be part of history, itself

Typically, any priesthood is prone to corruption and exploitation and Iran's theocracy went a step further by allowing the most corrupting organization in the world, the occult/corporate agency we know as the City of London, to support and promote it at the expense of their previous creature, the Shah, who had balked at renewing his contract to sell oil cheaply to British Petroleum.

A cursory glance of Iran's government shows that their new religious fundamentalism is based on the model of London's other mind control successes: national socialism, communism, Christian fundamentalism, Darwinism, atheism, Satanism, Theosophy (pseudo Hindu/Buddhism and the newage movement), Zionism and any number of sponsored cults and fake religions. London's been busy in the past couple of centuries, apparently. In previous days the Muslim clergy never had as much influence over the nation's cultural, economic or political life, even though some of the Shahs had made corrupt clerics their grand viziers.

The foundation of the present religious fundamentalism in the Middle East was London's Pan Islamic Movement, promoted in the region by their paid agent, Jalal'u'd Din Afghani, beginning in the late 1890s, for the purpose of undermining the Turkish Empire and neighboring Iran.

When London's previous creature, the Shah, was in power he established Savvak, the dreaded secret police, who came to be so hated by Persians that they welcomed Khomeini, with open arms. By the time they realized that all of the torturers, spies and murderers in Savvak had joined Khomeini's new secret police agency, Hezbollah ('army of God'), it was too late to do anything about it and within a short time all of the young men in Iran and Iraq were thrown at each other across a narrow no-man's-land in an apparent attempt by London of genocide via managed conflict during which time Teheran was obliterated with missiles and air strikes.

The only publisher in the West which has supplied valid research journalism on this period of history in the Middle East is Franklin Press and it's worthwhile reading some of those books in light of the occult/corporate world order's announced intention to invade Iran in coming days.

On a lighter note, you might have noticed that your local Armed Forces Recruiting Office has closed for lack of business, as happened here in our town. This doesn't bode well for America's willing support of a new draft, which would be essential to create a genuine invasion force. Our present token military force was sent to Iraq but it was only possible for them to go there because there was corresponding token resistance by Iraq's armed forces in the beginning. Now that Iraqi patriots are tired of having no country they're starting to effectively fight the invaders, as you and I might do under similar circumstances.

I think it's apparent that the Persians won't lie down for an occult/corporate mercenary incursion the way the Iraqis did and the mountainous region next to Iraq is populated with Iran's fiercest guerrilla fighters. Several of our Etheric Warriors scheduled intel/blast sessions in recent months have been devoted to undermining the occult/corporate agenda for invading and destroying that nation.

Soon after Dr Siyyid started gifting he was struck down by poison and incessant psionic and voodoo-style assaults. Our intel/blasting group at Etheric Warriors, which includes Yasmine, managed to keep him alive and in a state of recovery and plans were made to get him a zapper, a Succor Punch and some ChemBuster in coming days, which would likely have guaranteed his full recovery and continued safety, but the occult/corporate assets in Iran arranged to have him taken to a hospital in Iran where he was murdered during the night.

Last Thursday the Women Warriors were in the international chatroom, attempting to intervene and preserve Mr Siyyid's life but the psychics among them became aware, at a certain point, that he had decided to stop fighting to remain alive and had let them know that he intended to oppose these tyrants from the next realm, instead. My hope is that he's helping me to compose this eulogy, in fact, and make it as informative as possible.

My adored and unpretentious wife, Carol, who has the native ability to converse with the departed and with people's astral selves, saw Muhammad Siyyid in a clear vision during which he asked her to convey to the rest of us that it's essential, right now, for us all to choose our battles wisely. He had an upheld sword of light in one hand and a plastic garbage bag containing a pyramid-shaped, humble orgonite holy handgrenade in the other to illustrate his point. He indicated to Carol that the sword represented direct opposition to tyranny, which likely leads to martyrdom, and that the unobtrusive approach, gifting one's community and improving one's own life with interactive orgonite devices, carries less risk and is perhaps more effective and relatively risk free in the long run. In her vision Mr Siyyid had a full head of hair, by the way, and Yasmine told us that this image would have pleased her dad very much

During the chat, after Carol expressed the vision, one of Yasmine's friends emailed a picture of her father to the participants and Carol recognized him from the vision.

I wish I had the eloquence to express the depths of cynicism and duplicity that Muslim clergy in Iran have always been capable of manifesting. Nobody drop's God's Name nearly as much as they do but it's the clear intention of most of the mullahs and mujtahids (preachers and bishops are Christian counterparts) in Iran to reduce everyone except their own sleepy sycophants to dust. In a way, it's a good thing that London severely controls Hezbollah's purse strings and breathing privileges because all of the worst fears about 'Muslim terrorists' in the West would probably be fulfilled if these fake-pious jerks were allowed to have their way. See how thoroughly the occult/corporate world order can arrange their political stage plays to ape reality?

Another example of London's effective duplicity is Lenin, who sold all of Russia's natural and infrastructure resources to European corporations which still own and control them today. Eustace Mullins relates in WORLD ORDER; THE HEGEMONY OF PARASITISIM, that whenever Nelson Rockefeller arrived in his private Boeing 707 in Moscow for his regular confabs at the Kremlin he was welcomed by cheering crowds and was exempt from customs formalities and that the Russian delegation in New York was seen arriving at Rockefeller Center via a side entrance to consult with this jerk each week.

See how Lenin's 'inspiring' rhetoric was just the opposite of his actions? Lenin came to power with the timely assistance of J P Morgan's (London's) gold and his bloody regime was maintained in the early days with food from the International Red Cross, by the way. He had caused the wholesale slaughter of so many independent farmers, of course, that Russia was soon in famine so Wall Street's gold became worthless in Russia, hence the timely arrival of massive amounts of food from the West for Lenin to wield as a political weapon. This infusion of 'free' food from the West has remained a feature of Russian political and economic life until the present day, by the way, and has been an integral feature of National Socialism's farm subsidies since the 1930s
in America..

In spite of the corrupting influence of Islam's clergy, historically, there have been a few clerics in Persian history who have been fountainheads of wisdom and knowledge and many of them have been siyyids, by the way. I think Dr Siyyid was attempting to re-establish this tradition and perhaps didn't recognize how deeply the present travesty had been played out in Iran by a foreign agency.

I worked with an Iranian, Suheil, in the early 1980s who told me that the Khomeini he remembered seeing on TV in Iran as a 'persecuted revolutionary cleric' in the early 1970s, before his exile, had a finger missing but that the one who came to power after the Shah was deposed had all of his fingers. The use of doubles by the occult/corporate world order is even more evident when one looks at their fake Saddam who is in captivity in Iraq now. I suspect that if one were to dig even deeper the real situation would be too bizarre to credibly relate.

By the way, Khomeini's coffin was dropped on its way to burial and the crowd was shown rushing the tumbled-out corpse, then the film clip abruptly ended. Western news reports claimed that they just wanted to touch 'this adored revolutionary' in their grief but a recently-arrived Persian acquaintance had told me that the crowd's expressed hatred of Khomeini is what caused the corpse to be exposed and that anyone whocould get close to him savagely kicked the body, mainly in the groin. By then, millions of young men had been slaughtered in that managed conflict with Saddam and heroin addiction had reached endemic proportions, further reducing the work force.

I'm trying to convey that Dr Siyyid wasn't just murdered because he was distributing orgonite in Iran's Holy City; that was probably just the last straw for his enemies who had no doubt become aware, from their Whitehall affiliations, that gifting balances the environment, therefore weakens the political base of tyranny by steadily changing the populace's artificially-induced fear and hopelessness into courage and confidence. This wonderful man had probably already been targeted, JFK-style, for extermination. The positive force of example is relentless, after all, and nothing short of assassination will ultimately rid a corrupted and corrupting government, which in this case is controlled by a cynical priesthood, of exemplary officials.

Even the worst human tragedy is a rich field of opportunities for our individual and collective spiritual advancement and I hope that in coming days Muhammad Siyyid's ultimate contribution will lead to a greater awareness of the positive aspects of Iran's ancient and still-living culture and will even, perhaps, lead to broader awareness of the power of orgonite to transform human society. It's clear, already, that Dr Siyyid's surviving family has already taken the initiative to intensify and extend their healing efforts in Iran and to find more committed people there to do this essential work in hope of fostering the emergence of a truly liberating social order in the long run and to help avert an invasion and possible destruction of their nation in coming days.

I wish to convey a clear impression that it's time to take our wonderful world back from the usurpers, of course, and Muhammad Siyyid's supreme sacrifice in the field of global patriotism must be seen as evidence that we all have a vested interest in the success of Iran's new but very able etheric warriors in coming days.

~Don Croft ( )

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